.NVDA-ADDON File Extension

A .NVDA-ADDON file is a NVDA Add-On, created by NV Access.

Open with All Platforms. Available for Windows.

What is a .NVDA-ADDON file?

An .NVDA-ADDON file is a special type of file that works with the NVDA screen reader software. NVDA stands for NonVisual Desktop Access and is a program that helps people who cannot see the screen to use a computer by reading out the text on the screen. The .NVDA-ADDON file adds new features or improves the NVDA program, making it more useful or easier to use. For example, an add-on might make it possible for NVDA to read aloud text from a new type of program or give it new voices.

People can find these .NVDA-ADDON files on websites where the NVDA community shares these add-ons. Once you download an .NVDA-ADDON file, you can add it to your NVDA software to start using the new features it provides.

To open or use an .NVDA-ADDON file, you don't need a special program. First, you need to have the NVDA screen reader installed on your computer. Then, you can simply double-click the .NVDA-ADDON file, and NVDA will recognize it and ask if you want to install the add-on.

If you're curious about what's inside the .NVDA-ADDON file or if you need to extract its contents for any reason, you can use any program that can open Zip files. This is because an .NVDA-ADDON file is actually a Zip file at its core. This means you can use programs like WinZip, WinRAR, or the built-in decompression utility on your computer (like File Explorer in Windows, Finder in Mac, or the unzip command in Linux) to look inside the .NVDA-ADDON file. However, for regular users who just want to add features to their NVDA screen reader, opening the file directly with NVDA is the easiest way to go.


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