.ODTTF File Extension

A .ODTTF file is a Obfuscated OpenType Font, created by N/A.

Open with Pagemark XpsViewer. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .ODTTF file?

The file extension .ODTTF stands for Obfuscated OpenType Font. This type of file is primarily used in the XML Paper Specification (.XPS) files and in Microsoft Office 2007 document formats. The .ODTTF file contains a font that is deliberately obscured or "obfuscated" to protect the font from unauthorized use outside of the document it is embedded in. This obfuscation is a way to ensure that the fonts used in the original document are not easily extracted or reused without permission.

The .ODTTF files are based on OpenType fonts, which are widely used because they support a large variety of characters and are compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. However, in the case of .ODTTF, the font data is scrambled to prevent direct access to the font file itself.

To view or manage .ODTTF files, you can use several different programs: 1. **Pagemark XpsViewer**: This software allows you to view XPS documents and the embedded .ODTTF fonts on various operating systems. 2. **Mozilla Firefox with Pagemark XpsPlugin**: This setup enables you to open and view XPS files directly in the Firefox web browser, which includes support for .ODTTF fonts. 3. **KDE Okular**: A universal document viewer for KDE desktop environments that can open XPS files and display the obfuscated fonts. 4. **Microsoft XPS Viewer**: Included with some versions of Windows, this program can open XPS files and render the .ODTTF fonts used within them. 5. **Pagemark XpsConvert**: This tool can convert XPS files to other formats, handling the .ODTTF fonts during the conversion process. 6. **XPS Annotator**: Although discontinued, this was a program used to annotate XPS files and manage .ODTTF fonts. 7. **NiXPS View and NiXPS Edit**: These are tools specifically designed for viewing and editing XPS files, including those with .ODTTF fonts. 8. **Apple Safari with Pagemark XpsPlugin**: For Mac users, this setup allows Safari browser to open XPS files and display the embedded obfuscated fonts.

These programs provide various functionalities from viewing and converting to editing documents that contain .ODTTF files, ensuring that users can manage their documents and the fonts they contain effectively.


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