A .OPLUSDOWNLOAD file is a OnePlus Downloaded File, created by OnePlus.

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What is a .OPLUSDOWNLOAD file?

An .OPLUSDOWNLOAD file is a type of file that you might find on a OnePlus smartphone, like the OnePlus 9 Pro. Sometimes, when you download something on your OnePlus phone, it doesn't save the way it's supposed to. Instead of saving as the type of file you were expecting (like a picture or a document), it saves as an .OPLUSDOWNLOAD file. Unfortunately, you can't open these .OPLUSDOWNLOAD files because they're not in the right format.

No programs can open an .OPLUSDOWNLOAD file because it's not meant to be a final file type. It's more like a mistake that the phone makes when it's trying to save a file.

This issue started getting attention around early 2022. OnePlus phone users noticed that when they tried to download files from apps like Gmail, Google Drive, or Discord, the files didn't save correctly. Instead of getting the file they wanted, like a PDF from an email, they ended up with an .OPLUSDOWNLOAD file.

However, people found a way to fix this problem so they could download files properly again. Here's what they did: 1. They went into the settings on their OnePlus phone. 2. They looked for an option called "Users and Accounts," then went into "Multiple Users." 3. Inside "Multiple Users," they found and selected "Guest" to create a new guest account on the phone. 4. Using this new guest account, they opened Gmail (or whatever app they were having trouble with) and logged into their email. 5. Then, they tried downloading an attachment again.

After doing these steps, they were able to download files correctly, not just in the guest account but also when they switched back to their main account. This workaround helped them get the files they needed without them being mistakenly saved as .OPLUSDOWNLOAD files.


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