.ORIG File Extension

A .ORIG file is a Original File, created by N/A.

Open with Open with the program that created the file. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .ORIG file?

An .ORIG file is a type of file that acts as a backup copy of another file. When a file is backed up and renamed with the .orig extension, it helps you recognize that this is the original version of the file. These .ORIG files are usually created by users themselves, not automatically by software programs. This means that if you have a file you want to keep safe while making changes to it, you might save a copy of it as an .ORIG file.

How to Open: To open an .ORIG file, you should use the same program that was used to create the original file before it was backed up and renamed. Since .ORIG files are not tied to a specific program, the original software that created the file must be used to open it. For example, if the original file was a Microsoft Word document, you would use Microsoft Word to open the .ORIG file.

More Information: When you create an .ORIG file, it's a good practice to name it clearly so you can easily remember what type of file it is. For instance, if you are backing up an XML file, you might name the backup file as "filename.xml.orig". This naming helps you know that the original file was an XML file. It's important to note that original files can also have the .ORI extension, which serves a similar purpose.

In summary, .ORIG files are backup copies of original files, renamed to indicate their status as originals. They need to be opened with the program that created the original file, and careful naming is recommended to keep track of the file types.


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