.OVOLOG File Extension

A .OVOLOG file is a ooVoo Log File, created by ooVoo.

Open with ooVoo. Available for Windows.

What is a .OVOLOG file?

The .OVOLOG file extension is associated with a type of file known as an ooVoo Log File. This kind of file is specifically created by a program called ooVoo, which is a free application that allows people to video chat and send messages to each other. The purpose of an ooVoo Log File is to keep a record of all the activities that happen within the ooVoo application. This includes things like when you log in, who you chat with, and any errors that might occur. These log files are particularly useful for the ooVoo support team when they need to troubleshoot or fix problems with the application because they can see exactly what happened and when.

To open a file with the .OVOLOG extension, you will need to use the ooVoo program. This is because the file is designed to work specifically with this application and may not be readable or useful in other programs.

If you want ooVoo to start creating these log files, you have to turn on a setting within the application. Here's how you can do it: 1. Open ooVoo on your computer. 2. Go to the settings menu by selecting "ooVoo" and then choosing "Settings." 3. Look for the "Advanced" section and then find the option that says "Support." 4. In the Support section, there should be a checkbox that says "Enable debug logging." Make sure this box is checked.

Once you've done this, ooVoo will start creating log files of your activity. On a Windows computer, you can find these files in a specific folder. The path to this folder is C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\ooVoo Details\Logs. Just replace "[your username]" with your actual Windows username.

It's important to note that on Mac OS X, the ooVoo log files are a bit different. Instead of having the .OVOLOG extension, they end with .AES. This is just a different format used by the Mac version of ooVoo, but the purpose of the files is the same.

In summary, .OVOLOG files are created by the ooVoo application to record activity for troubleshooting purposes. You need ooVoo to open these files, and you must enable the creation of log files within the ooVoo settings. Depending on your operating system, the location and format of these files may vary.


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