.PAPERS File Extension

A .PAPERS file is a Painter Paper Texture File, created by Corel.

Open with Corel Painter 2023. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .PAPERS file?

A .PAPERS file is a special kind of file used by a computer program called Corel Painter, which is a tool for making digital art and editing pictures. This file stores a collection of different paper textures or "grains." Imagine when you draw on different kinds of paper in real life, like rough watercolor paper or smooth drawing paper, each type of paper makes the drawing look a bit different. In Corel Painter, these .PAPERS files let artists choose different digital "papers" to draw on, making their digital art look more like it was made with real materials.

However, it's important to know that .PAPERS files are an old way of storing these textures. Corel Painter has updated to a new format called .PAPERLIBRARY, but you can still open .PAPERS files if you're using Corel Painter 2023 or the same version from another year.

If you want to use these textures in your digital art with Corel Painter, you can find them in the program. There's a special place called the "Papers" panel where all these textures are kept. To get there, you go to the top menu, click on "Window," then go to "Media Panels," and finally click on "Papers." This is where you can see and choose different paper textures to use in your artwork.


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