.PCFG File Extension

A .PCFG file is a Pentablet Configuration File, created by UGEE.

Open with UGEE Tablet Software. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .PCFG file?

A .PCFG file is a special type of file that is used by UGEE Tablet software. This file helps to keep all the custom settings a user has made on their UGEE digital drawing tablet. Think of it like a backup of how you've set up your tablet to work just the way you like it. Inside this file, which is saved in a format called XML, you'll find all sorts of settings you've chosen, such as which keys on your keyboard do what when you're using your tablet, how sensitive the tablet is to the pressure of the pen, and what the display looks like.

To open a .PCFG file, you can use the UGEE Tablet software itself, which is the program that comes with UGEE tablets for making these adjustments. But, because the file is in XML format, you can also open it with other programs if you need to. For example, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, which is a tool for coding, can open it. Or, if you just want to take a peek or make a quick edit, any basic text editor, like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac, can do the job too.

UGEE makes a variety of digital drawing tablets that artists and designers can connect to their computers. These tablets come with a pen that lets you draw or write as if you were using paper and ink, but with the added benefits of digital technology. The UGEE Tablet software is what allows users to adjust their tablet and pen settings to match their personal preferences or the needs of a specific project.

If you want to save your tablet settings, you can do so by exporting them from the UGEE Tablet software. There's an option in the software's settings menu labeled "Export config." When you choose this, your settings are saved into a .PCFG file. This is really handy if you need to move your settings to another computer or restore them later.

Remember, to use the UGEE Tablet software and make these adjustments, you need to have your UGEE tablet connected to your computer. This ensures that the software can communicate with the tablet and apply any changes you make.


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