.PCLX File Extension

A .PCLX file is a Pencil2D Project, created by Pencil2D.

Open with Pencil2D. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .PCLX file?

A .PCLX file is a type of file used specifically for storing animation projects in Pencil2D, which is a free program that lets you create 2D animations. The .PCLX file format is essentially a compressed package (similar to a .ZIP file) that includes all the necessary components of the animation project. Inside this compressed file, there is an .XML file and a folder containing data, both of which are crucial for loading and working on the project within the Pencil2D software.

To open a .PCLX file, you can use the Pencil2D application itself, which is designed to directly handle and edit these files. If you just want to see the contents of a .PCLX file without editing them, you can use file decompression software like PeaZip, B1 Archiver, Corel WinZip, or the Apple Archive Utility (which is included with macOS). These programs allow you to unzip the .PCLX file and access its internal components, such as the .XML file and data folder. This can be useful for backing up or sharing specific parts of your animation project.


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