.PCTL File Extension

A .PCTL file is a Kaspersky Parental Control Settings File, created by Kaspersky Lab.

Open with Kaspersky Internet Security. Available for Windows.

What is a .PCTL file?

The .PCTL file extension stands for a Kaspersky Parental Control Settings File. This type of file is made using Kaspersky Internet Security, which is a program designed to protect your computer from viruses and harmful software. The .PCTL file contains special rules that help control how much a person can use the computer. These files are often set up by parents who want to manage and limit their children's computer activities.

For example, if parents want to make sure their kids only use the computer for a certain amount of time each day, or they want to keep them from visiting inappropriate websites, they can use .PCTL files to set these rules. These files can control many things, including how long someone can be on the computer, which applications they can use, what websites they can visit, whether they can download files, and if they can use chat programs or social media sites.

To create a .PCTL file, you would start by opening Kaspersky Internet Security and then going to the Parental Control section. There, you can choose what restrictions you want to apply. Once you've made your choices, you just click the Save button, and the program creates a .PCTL file with those settings.

If you need to open a .PCTL file, you will use Kaspersky Internet Security. This is because the file is specifically designed to work with this software, and it's where you can change or update the restrictions you've set up before.


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