.PDPL File Extension

A .PDPL file is a Plaintext Data Processing Language File, created by Development.

Open with Any text editor. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .PDPL file?

A .PDPL file is a type of file that uses the Plaintext Data Processing Language (PDPL). This kind of file is made and used by a group called Development. They use it to keep a lot of data in one place, like pictures in a gallery and information about those pictures. The idea behind PDPL is to offer a different way to save data compared to other formats you might have heard of, like .JSON (which is often used for web data), .CSV (common for lists and spreadsheets), and .SQL (used for databases). However, to use a PDPL file in a program, someone needs to make a special tool (called an interpreter) for that program to understand PDPL.

You can open a PDPL file with any program that lets you look at or edit text. This is because PDPL files are in plaintext, meaning they are just text and can be read without needing special software.

The PDPL language was created in 2016 by someone named Leo Wilson who works at Development. They wanted to make a way to store data that was both effective and straightforward. There's also a more complex version of PDPL known as .PDPLX, but both types are meant to make working with large sets of data easier.


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