.PLUSH File Extension

A .PLUSH file is a Plushify Project, created by Sebastian Stamm.

Open with Web. Available for .

What is a .PLUSH file?

A .PLUSH file is a specific type of file used in crafting plush toys, and it is associated with the Plushify Project. This file format is created by a tool called Plushify, which is accessible online. The primary purpose of a .PLUSH file is to store both a three-dimensional model and a sewing pattern that corresponds to this model. Here’s how it works: Users start with a 3D model file, typically in .OBJ format, which represents the shape and design of the desired plush toy. This model is then uploaded to the Plushify tool. Plushify allows users to manipulate and adjust the 3D model and helps in generating a sewing pattern from this model. The sewing pattern is usually saved in a .PDF format, which can be easily printed on paper.

Once the sewing pattern is printed, sewists (people who sew) can use this pattern as a guide to cut fabrics and sew them together to create a real-life plush toy that matches the 3D model they started with. This process allows for the creation of unique and customized plush toys.

To open a .PLUSH file, you need to use the Plushify tool, which is available online. Simply access the Plushify website, and you can open the .PLUSH file directly in the web interface. This tool provides all the necessary functionalities to view, edit, and work with the contents of the .PLUSH file, including the 3D model and the sewing pattern.


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