.PRO4DVD File Extension

A .PRO4DVD file is a ProPresenter DVD Clips Document, created by Renewed Vision.

Open with Renewed Vision ProPresenter. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .PRO4DVD file?

The file extension .PRO4DVD is associated with a ProPresenter DVD Clips Document. This type of file is created using ProPresenter, a multimedia software application widely used in various settings such as churches, sports arenas, and television broadcasting. The .PRO4DVD file contains a video clip that has been extracted, or "ripped," from a DVD. This allows users to store and manage the clip digitally without the need to use the physical DVD, which can be beneficial for ease of access and organization during presentations or broadcasts.

To open a .PRO4DVD file, you will need to use the ProPresenter software developed by Renewed Vision. This program is specifically designed to handle such files and is equipped with the necessary tools to display and manage the video content effectively. ProPresenter offers various features that enhance the presentation of multimedia content, making it a suitable choice for professional environments that require reliable and dynamic media handling capabilities.


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