.PTLV File Extension

A .PTLV file is a Pizza Tower Level, created by Tour De Pizza.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .PTLV file?

A .PTLV file is a type of file used specifically for the game called Tour De Pizza Pizza Tower, which is a 2D platforming video game. The "PTLV" in the file extension stands for "Pizza Tower Level," indicating that this file contains data for a level within the game. The content inside a PTLV file is in plain text format, which means it uses simple text that can be read and edited. This text data is essential for the game as it tells the game how to set up and display the level when you play.

Originally, players had the ability to create their own game levels using a built-in level editor provided within Pizza Tower. These custom levels are saved as PTLV files, which can then be loaded into the game for playing.

To open a PTLV file, you can use several different programs. Since the file is in plain text format, any basic text editor can open it. This includes: - Microsoft Notepad, which is included with Windows operating systems. - Apple TextEdit, which comes with macOS. - Vim, which is a more advanced text editor available on various platforms. - Any other general text editor that can read plain text files.

Additionally, to actually use the PTLV file as intended (for playing the level in the game), you can open it with the demo version of Tour De Pizza Pizza Tower, which is the game for which these files are specifically designed.


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