.PURS File Extension

A .PURS file is a PureScript Source Code File, created by Phil Freeman.

Open with PureScript. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .PURS file?

A .PURS file is a type of file that contains source code written in the PureScript programming language. PureScript is a language created by Phil Freeman in 2013, designed to be similar to Haskell but with the capability to compile directly into JavaScript. This makes it useful for developing various types of applications such as web applications, server-side applications, and desktop applications.

The source code in a .PURS file uses a syntax that is similar to Haskell, which is another programming language known for its strong type system and functional programming features. Because PureScript compiles to JavaScript, it can be integrated easily into web technologies.

To open and work with a .PURS file, you can use several different programs: 1. **PureScript**: This is the main compiler and toolchain specifically designed for PureScript. It can compile .PURS files into JavaScript. 2. **Microsoft Visual Studio Code**: A popular code editor that supports many programming languages, including PureScript, through extensions. 3. **GitHub Atom (Discontinued)**: Although this editor was discontinued, it was previously used for editing .PURS files. If you have an older version, it might still be able to open these files. 4. **Any Text Editor**: Since .PURS files are essentially text files containing code, you can open them with any basic text editor like Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on macOS in plain text mode, or any other text editor you prefer. 5. **Chrome OS and Google Chrome**: For basic viewing, Chrome OS and the Google Chrome browser can open .PURS files as plain text, allowing you to view the code.

The PureScript language and its tools are developed and maintained by a community on GitHub, ensuring it stays updated and robust for modern development needs.


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