.PWDPL File Extension

A .PWDPL file is a Password Pad Lite Document, created by Tan Thor Jen.

Open with Password Pad. Available for Mac.

What is a .PWDPL file?

The file extension .PWDPL stands for a Password Pad Lite Document. This type of file is created using Password Pad Lite, which is a text editing software. Unlike regular text editors, Password Pad Lite includes a feature for "lite" encryption, meaning it can encrypt the text to add a layer of security.

A .PWDPL file contains text that has been encrypted, which means it has been converted into a secure format that prevents unauthorized access. To ensure the contents are kept private, the document is password-protected. This means that to open and view the contents of a .PWDPL file, you must know the correct password that was used to encrypt the document.

This type of file is typically used to store sensitive personal information that the user wants to keep private, such as passwords, personal notes, or confidential information.

The primary program used to open a .PWDPL file is Password Pad. This program can decrypt the file, provided you enter the correct password, allowing you to access and read the document's contents. Without the correct password, the encrypted information in the file remains inaccessible and unreadable.


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