.RATDVD File Extension

A .RATDVD file is a RatDVD Disk Image, created by ACE GmbH.

Open with ratDVD. Available for Windows.

What is a .RATDVD file?

The file extension .RATDVD refers to a RatDVD Disk Image file. This type of file is a compressed version of a DVD disk image that uses the ratDVD container format. The main purpose of this format is to significantly reduce the size of a video DVD, which typically might be around 9 GB, down to between 1 and 3 GB. Despite this compression, the format is designed to maintain the full quality of the picture and includes support for multiple audio channels, different video angles, and other features.

A .RATDVD file not only contains the main movie but also includes various additional content such as multiple versions of the film, special features like behind-the-scenes videos, complete DVD menus, and all the navigation elements you would find on a standard DVD. This allows users to enjoy a near-complete DVD experience in a much smaller file size.

To open a .RATDVD file, you can use specific software programs designed to handle this format. One such program is ratDVD, which is specifically tailored to create, modify, and play .RATDVD files. Another program capable of handling these files is ACE GmbH fluxDVD, which also supports various features of the ratDVD format. These programs help in decompressing and viewing the contents of .RATDVD files just like you would watch a DVD on a standard player.


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