.RAZOR File Extension

A .RAZOR file is a Razor Component File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .RAZOR file?

A .RAZOR file is a type of file used in web development, specifically for creating parts of a website's user interface (UI) in a Blazor application. Blazor is a technology that lets developers use C# (a programming language) to build interactive features on websites, which traditionally required JavaScript. This is helpful because it allows developers to use the same language (C#) for both server-side and client-side programming, making the development process more streamlined.

The content inside a .RAZOR file includes Razor markup, C#, and HTML code. Razor markup is a special syntax that helps mix HTML (the standard language for creating web pages) with C# code smoothly in the same file. This combination allows the creation of dynamic web content that can react to user interactions without needing to refresh the page.

In a Blazor app, each .RAZOR file represents a self-contained piece of the UI, like a single page, a dialog box, or a form where users can enter data. These files are crucial for defining how different parts of the website look and behave.

To identify parts of the code where C# is used instead of HTML, the Razor syntax uses the "@" symbol. For example, "@page" is used to define a component's URL, and "@if" is used to specify conditions under which certain blocks of code should run.

You can open and edit .RAZOR files using various programs: - **Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and later**: A comprehensive development environment that provides tools for building, debugging, and running Blazor applications. - **Microsoft Visual Studio Code**: A lighter, more flexible editor that supports many programming languages, including those used in .RAZOR files. - **GNU Emacs**: A highly customizable text editor that can be extended to support Razor syntax through additional packages. - **Any basic text editor**: Simple text editors like Notepad can open .RAZOR files, but they won't provide syntax highlighting or other advanced features. - **Chrome OS and Google Chrome**: These can view the basic text of .RAZOR files but are not ideal for serious development work.

Note: GitHub Atom, previously listed as a program to open .RAZOR files, has been discontinued and is no longer available for use.

In summary, .RAZOR files are essential for developers using the Blazor framework to create interactive and dynamic web UIs with C#. They can be opened and edited with specialized software like Microsoft


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