.RDSAVE File Extension

A .RDSAVE file is a Rhythm Doctor Data File, created by 7th Beat Games.

Open with 7th Beat Games Rhythm Doctor. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .RDSAVE file?

An .RDSAVE file is a special kind of computer file used by a video game called Rhythm Doctor, made by a company named 7th Beat Games. Rhythm Doctor is a fun game where you play as a doctor who heals patients by tapping in time with their heartbeat rhythms. It's like playing along to music and trying to keep the beat to help your patients get better.

The .RDSAVE file helps the game remember important things. It's a bit like a notebook for the game, where it writes down what has happened so far. This can include how far you've gotten in the game, what settings you like to use (like how loud the music is), and other details that make the game work just right for you.

These files are written in a way that looks a bit like a list, with items and their details separated by colons. For example, it might list the game's volume setting by writing "volume: 70" to say the volume is set to 70%.

When you play Rhythm Doctor, the game can create up to four of these .RDSAVE files. One is for your game settings, like how loud the sound is or what the screen looks like. The other three are for saving your progress. That way, if you have to stop playing, you can come back later and pick up right where you left off, in one of three different spots, depending on which save slot you choose (slot0.rdsave, slot1.rdsave, or slot2.rdsave).

To look inside an .RDSAVE file or to check what's written in it, you can use a simple program like Microsoft Notepad. Notepad is a basic text editor that lets you see and edit text files, and it can open .RDSAVE files too. However, changing the contents of an .RDSAVE file without knowing exactly what you're doing might mess up your game progress, so it's usually best just to let the game handle these files on its own.

In summary, .RDSAVE files are important for the Rhythm Doctor game because they keep track of your progress and preferences, making sure you can continue your game from where you left off and enjoy the game just the way you like it.


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