.REDIF File Extension

A .REDIF file is a ReDIF Template, created by RePEc.

Open with Any text editor. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .REDIF file?

A .REDIF file is a special kind of document called a ReDIF Template. ReDIF stands for Research Documents Information Format. Think of it as a way to keep track of important details about research materials like papers, journals, books, and even software. Inside a .REDIF file, you'll find a list of information or "metadata" about these research items. This list can include the name of the person who wrote the item, an email address to get in touch with the author, the title of the work, who edited it, when it was published, a web link (URL) to find the publication online, and what type of file format the publication is in (like PDF or Word document).

To open a .REDIF file, you can use any basic text editor - these are simple programs on your computer that let you view and edit text files. Examples of text editors include Notepad on Windows, TextEdit on Mac, or more advanced ones like VSCode or Sublime Text that are used by programmers. Additionally, there are specific programs designed to work with ReDIF files that can also open them. But in most cases, just using a text editor will let you see all the information stored in a .REDIF file.


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