.REDS File Extension

A .REDS file is a Red/System Source Code File, created by Nenad Rakočević.

Open with Red. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .REDS file?

A .REDS file is a type of computer file known as a Red/System Source Code File. It contains source code written in Red/System, which is a low-level dialect of the Red programming language. This means that the code in a .REDS file is designed to work closely with the computer's hardware but is still readable by humans. Red/System shares similarities with the Rebol programming language, which it aims to enhance.

The Red programming language, including its Red/System dialect, was developed by Nenad Rakočević in 2011. It was created to be a full-stack language, which means it can be used to develop both the front-end (what the user interacts with) and the back-end (the underlying technology) of software applications.

.REDS files are different from .RED files, which contain source code written in the high-level Red programming language syntax. High-level programming languages are generally easier for humans to read and write compared to low-level languages.

To open a .REDS file, you can use various programs that support text editing. Some of the specific programs that can open .REDS files include: 1. **Red** - This is the main development environment for working with Red and Red/System code. 2. **Microsoft Visual Studio Code** - A versatile editor that supports many programming languages, including Red/System, through extensions. 3. **Vim** - A powerful text editor used by many programmers. 4. **Microsoft Notepad** - A simple text editor included with Windows operating systems. 5. **Apple TextEdit** - A basic text editor included with macOS. 6. **Google Chrome Text** - A text editor available in Chrome OS. 7. **Any text editor** - Since .REDS files are essentially text files, they can be opened with any text editing software.

Note that Github Atom, previously listed as an option, has been discontinued and is no longer available for download or use.

In summary, .REDS files are used to store source code for the Red/System programming language, and they can be opened and edited with various text editors across different operating systems.


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