.SAB File Extension

A .SAB file is a ACIS SAB Model, created by Spatial.

Open with Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SAB file?

A .SAB file is a type of 3D model file specifically created in the Standard ACIS Binary (SAB) format. This format is used to store detailed information about the geometry and structure of a manufactured component. Essentially, it captures all the necessary details that describe a 3D object, which can include dimensions, shapes, and the relationships between different parts of the model.

The primary use of .SAB files is to facilitate the exchange of 3D model data between different computer-aided design (CAD) programs. This is particularly useful in industries like manufacturing, engineering, and architecture where precise 3D models are essential for the design and fabrication of parts and structures.

To open a .SAB file, you can use various software programs that are capable of handling ACIS SAB Model files. Some of the most commonly used programs include: 1. **Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler** - A powerful modeling tool that supports SAB files. 2. **CADSoftTools CST CAD Navigator** - A versatile CAD viewer that can open multiple types of files including SAB. 3. **Autodesk AutoCAD 2023** - A widely-used CAD program that offers extensive support for various model file types. 4. **IMSI TurboCAD Pro and TurboCAD Deluxe** - Both are CAD solutions that provide robust tools for opening and manipulating SAB files. 5. **Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt** - Another CAD program that can work with SAB files. 6. **Autodesk Fusion 360** - A popular CAD/CAM software that can open SAB files on different platforms including Windows, macOS, Web, iOS, and Android.

It's interesting to note that the .SAB file format is similar to other file types like .VWP and .VEH, which are used in the gaming industry, specifically in games like Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. These files also contain 3D model data but are tailored for use in game development rather than in traditional manufacturing or engineering contexts.

In summary, if you need to work with a .SAB file, you should ensure you have access to one of the compatible CAD programs mentioned above. These programs will allow you to view, edit, and possibly convert the file as needed for your specific project requirements.


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