.SAF File Extension

A .SAF file is a Secure Audio File, created by DeLorme.

Open with DeLorme Street Atlas USA. Available for Windows.

What is a .SAF file?

The .SAF file extension stands for Secure Audio File, but in this context, it is used as a map file format by a program called DeLorme Street Atlas USA. This program helps users create custom maps and navigate using GPS. The .SAF file contains a detailed map of a specific area. It includes important information like the center point of the map, how much you can zoom in or out, and how big or small things appear on the map (magnification). Users can also save their settings, like what they prefer to see on the map, and any special routes or extra map layers they have added.

To open a .SAF file, you would need to use the DeLorme Street Atlas USA program. However, it's important to know that DeLorme has stopped making Street Atlas USA, so the program might be hard to find or use now.

When you save a .SAF file using DeLorme Street Atlas USA, it usually goes into a specific folder on your computer, which is C:\DeLorme Docs\Map Files. This is where the program keeps all the map files you create or modify.


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