.SAI File Extension

A .SAI file is a PaintTool SAI Image, created by SYSTEMAX Software Development.

Open with SYSTEMAX PaintTool SAI. Available for Windows.

What is a .SAI file?

An SAI file is a type of picture file, similar to a photo you might take with your camera, but it's made using a computer program called PaintTool SAI. This program is specially designed for drawing and painting on Windows computers. When someone creates an image in PaintTool SAI, they can add different details on separate layers. Think of layers like transparent sheets stacked on top of each other, where each sheet can have its own drawing or painting. This makes it easier to edit or change parts of the picture without affecting the whole image.

You can save your work in this program as an SAI file. This means you can close the program, and when you open the file again later, you can keep working on your drawing just like you left it, with all the layers and details still there.

To open an SAI file, you need to have PaintTool SAI installed on your computer. There are two versions of this program that can open SAI files: SYSTEMAX PaintTool SAI and SYSTEMAX PaintTool SAI Version 2. Both of these programs are made by the same company, SYSTEMAX, and they are designed to work well on Windows computers. If you have one of these programs, you can open and edit SAI files easily.


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