.SAN File Extension

A .SAN file is a Smush Animation File, created by LucasArts.

Open with File Viewer Plus — Get it from Microsoft+. Available for Windows.

What is a .SAN file?

A .SAN file is a type of video file used in some video games made by a company called LucasArts. These games include titles like Outlaws, Full Throttle, Shadows of the Empire, and Rebel Assault. The .SAN format is special because it's used to store animations or movie clips that are played during the game. These clips are called full motion videos, and they're like mini-movies that show exciting parts of the game's story or action scenes.

To open a .SAN file, you can use a program called File Viewer Plus, which you can download from the Microsoft store. Another option is to use a program called SAN Player, which is specifically designed to play these types of files. However, it's important to note that SAN Player isn't being updated or taken care of by its creators anymore, but it can still be used to open and watch the animations in these games.


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