.SAS File Extension

A .SAS file is a SAS Program File, created by SAS Institute.

Open with SAS Institute SAS software. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SAS file?

The .SAS file extension is used for a SAS Program File. This type of file is created for use with SAS, which stands for Statistical Analysis Software. SAS is a collection of software tools designed for analyzing data, doing statistical modeling, and managing data. The content inside a .SAS file is essentially a program or script written in the SAS programming language. This script is saved as standard ASCII text, which means it's plain text and can be viewed with a simple text editor. However, the script is meant to be run or executed within the SAS software environment to perform specific data analysis tasks or automate processes.

To open a .SAS file, you would typically use the SAS software provided by the SAS Institute. This software understands the SAS programming language and can execute the instructions contained within the .SAS file. Another option for opening and viewing the content of a .SAS file is to use a program called File Viewer Plus, which is available from the Microsoft store. File Viewer Plus allows you to view the content of the file, but to fully utilize the .SAS file's capabilities—running the program to analyze data—you would need to use it within the SAS software environment provided by the SAS Institute.


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