.SASBX File Extension

A .SASBX file is a Space Agency Sandbox File, created by Nooleus.

Open with Nooleus Space Agency. Available for .

What is a .SASBX file?

A .SASBX file is a type of file that is used in a game called Space Agency, which you can play on Android and iOS devices. Space Agency is a game where you can create and manage your own space missions. This includes building rockets, launching satellites, making space stations, and going on journeys through the solar system. The .SASBX file saves all the progress you make in the game's Sandbox mode. Sandbox mode is a special part of the game where you can build and experiment without any limits. Everything you create or achieve in this mode, like the space stations you build or the rockets you launch, is saved in the .SASBX file.

You can open this type of file with the Space Agency game app on either an Android or iOS device. The game is made by a company called Nooleus. On Android, you can download the game for free, but it offers things you can buy while playing the game. On iOS, you need to buy the game before you can play it.

One cool thing about .SASBX files is that you can share them with other people. If you've built something amazing in Sandbox mode and want to show it to a friend, you can use the "Share" button in the game. This lets you send the .SASBX file through email to your friend. Then, your friend can open the file in their Space Agency game and see what you've created.

So, if you enjoy space exploration and building things, you might like playing Space Agency and using .SASBX files to save and share your space creations.


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