.SAV File Extension

A .SAV file is a Video Game Save File, created by Nintendo.

Open with DeSmuME. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SAV file?

A .SAV file is a type of file that keeps your progress in a video game, like where you are in the story, how many points you have, and what items you've collected. It's mainly used by people playing games on a Nintendo DS, but instead of the actual game console, they use computer programs that act like a Nintendo DS. These programs are called emulators, and some popular ones that can open .SAV files are DeSmuME, NO$GBA, and iDeaS Emulator.

When you play a game on an emulator, you can save your game progress into a .SAV file. This is really handy because it means you can stop playing and then come back later to pick up exactly where you left off, without losing any progress. You can also share these .SAV files with friends or use them on a different computer, so you're not stuck playing the game on just one device.

If you've got a .SAV file from a Nintendo DS, you can also use it on an emulator. But, sometimes, you might need to make sure it's in the right format. There are two main types of .SAV files: one that comes directly from a Nintendo DS, and another that's made by the NO$GBA emulator. If you're moving your .SAV file to a new place, like a different emulator or a flash card for a Nintendo DS, you need to check that it's the right kind of file, or it might not work.

Sometimes, you might need to change something in the .SAV file to get it to work right. This is where a special program called a hexadecimal (hex) editor comes in, like HxD. A hex editor lets you see and change the detailed information inside the .SAV file, which can help fix problems or make the file work with a different emulator or device.

In summary, .SAV files let you save your game progress when playing Nintendo DS games on a computer using emulators. You can open and use these files with specific programs, and sometimes you might need to adjust them a bit to make sure they work the way you want.


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