.SBD File Extension

A .SBD file is a Superbase Data Definition, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Office Accounting. Available for Windows.

What is a .SBD file?

The .SBD file extension is used for a type of file called Superbase Data Definition. This kind of file is essentially a database that stores important financial information for companies. It is created by a software called Microsoft Office Accounting, which was designed to help with various financial tasks such as online banking. Inside an .SBD file, you might find data related to the company's bank accounts, payroll details, bills, and other types of financial records. This file helps businesses keep track of their financial activities online.

However, it's important to note that Microsoft Office Accounting, the program that creates and opens these .SBD files, is no longer being updated. Microsoft stopped developing it back in 2009. This means that if you have an .SBD file, you might find it challenging to open it if you don't already have Microsoft Office Accounting installed on your computer. Since the software is discontinued, finding new ways to access the data in .SBD files might require looking for alternative programs or converting the files into a different format that can be opened with more current software.


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