.SBN File Extension

A .SBN file is a ESRI Spatial Binary File, created by LOCOSYS.

Open with LOCOSYS Technology NAViLink II. Available for Windows.

What is a .SBN file?

The .SBN file is a special kind of data file created by certain GPS navigation devices that are made to be used outdoors and are waterproof, like the GT-31 or BGT-31. When you go on a trip and use one of these devices to help you find your way, it keeps track of where you go and how fast you're moving. This information is saved into a .SBN file. Later, you can look at this file to see the path you traveled. It's like keeping a digital diary of your journey.

These .SBN files are stored on an SD card that you put into the GT-31 device. The information inside the file is in a binary format, which means it's written in a way that computers can understand but is not easy for people to read directly.

The term "SBN" stands for "SiRF Binary Logging (non-NMEA)." SiRF refers to a specific kind of chip used in GPS devices to help them figure out your location. The "non-NMEA" part means that the file doesn't use the standard NMEA format that many other GPS devices use to record data. Instead, it uses its own unique way to save the information.

If you want to open and look at a .SBN file, you can use a program called NAViLink II, which is made by LOCOSYS Technology. This program can read the .SBN files and show you the travel paths recorded by your GPS device.


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