.SBU File Extension

A .SBU file is a Samsung Backup File, created by Samsung.

Open with Samsung Kies. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .SBU file?

The .SBU file extension stands for a Samsung Backup File. This type of file is created using Samsung Kies, which is a software application designed to connect Samsung mobile devices to desktop computers. Samsung Kies helps manage the content on Samsung phones and tablets.

A .SBU file contains a backup of various types of personal information stored on a Samsung device. This can include contacts, notes from the S Memo app, schedules from the S Planner app, call logs, music files, photos, user settings, and text messages. Essentially, it's a complete snapshot of your device's data that can be restored later if needed.

To open or work with a .SBU file, you need to use the Samsung Kies program. This software is specifically designed by Samsung to interact with the backup files it creates. Here’s how you can use Samsung Kies with .SBU files: ### To Create a .SBU File: 1. Open Samsung Kies and connect your Samsung device to your computer. 2. Navigate to the 'Back up/Restore' tab within the program. 3. Under 'Data backup', select the specific items you want to back up by checking the boxes next to each item. 4. Click the 'Backup' button to start the backup process. 5. Once the backup is complete, click 'Complete'. The backup file (.SBU) will be saved by default in the folder `C:\Users\{username}\Documents\samsung\Kies\Backup` on a Windows computer.

### To Restore Data from a .SBU File: 1. Open Samsung Kies and connect your Samsung device to your computer. 2. Go to the 'Back up/Restore' tab. 3. Choose the 'Restore data' option. 4. Select the specific items you want to restore by checking the boxes next to each item. 5. Click the 'Restore' button to begin restoring data from the .SBU file. 6. After the restoration process is complete, click 'Complete'.

Using Samsung Kies to manage .SBU files provides a reliable way to back up and restore important data on Samsung devices, ensuring that personal information is safely stored and easily retrievable.


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