.SCG File Extension

A .SCG file is a ColoRIX Image, created by Midori Media.

Open with Midori Media myPM SCG Enterprise. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCG file?

The .SCG file extension is associated with a type of data file used by a software called myPM SCG, which is primarily designed for project managers. This software helps in creating "S curves," which are graphical displays used to visualize different project metrics such as costs, labor hours, or other relevant quantities over time.

An .SCG file contains SCG definitions. These definitions include the specific type of S curve that needs to be generated, as well as details about an input file and an output file. The input file for myPM SCG typically needs to be in Microsoft Excel format. This file can be prepared by exporting data from Microsoft Project or another project scheduling application. Once the S curve is generated, the output is also saved in an Excel format.

To open and work with .SCG files, you need to have the myPM SCG Enterprise software from Midori Media installed on your computer. Additionally, since the software works closely with Microsoft Excel for both input and output files, having Microsoft Excel installed on your computer is also necessary.

In summary, .SCG files are crucial for project managers who use the myPM SCG software to create visual representations of project data through S curves. These files help in planning, monitoring, and presenting project progress efficiently.


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