.SCH File Extension

A .SCH file is a EAGLE Schematics File, created by Autodesk.

Open with Autodesk EAGLE. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SCH file?

A .SCH file is a type of document used in electronic design that represents a schematic, or detailed visual diagram, of a printed circuit board (PCB). This file is created using a software program called Autodesk EAGLE, which is widely used by professional electronics designers.

The content of an SCH file includes a variety of symbols that stand for different electronic components, such as logic gates. These symbols are interconnected by lines that depict buses, which are pathways that transmit signals or power across the PCB components. Essentially, the SCH file maps out where each component should be placed and how they are connected, serving as a blueprint for designing actual electronic circuits.

Once the schematic design is complete in the SCH file, it can be used within the EAGLE software to transition from a schematic to a physical board layout, which is saved as a .BRD file. This .BRD file is what is used to actually manufacture the PCB.

To open and work with an SCH file, you can use Autodesk EAGLE. Additionally, other programs like Altium Designer and the online Altium 365 Viewer can also open SCH files. These tools allow users to view, edit, and convert SCH files into other formats or into physical PCB designs.

It's important to note that in earlier versions of EAGLE (prior to version 6), SCH files were saved in a proprietary format that combined text and binary data. However, from version 6 onwards, EAGLE saves SCH files in XML format, which is more standardized and easier to manage in different software environments.


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