.SCI File Extension

A .SCI file is a ColoRIX Graphics Image, created by Scilab Enterprises.

Open with Scilab. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SCI file?

An SCI file is a type of computer file that is used to store images created with ColoRIX, a graphics program. However, it is also known as a script file used by a program called Scilab. Scilab is a free program that people use to do complex math calculations on computers. The SCI file, when used with Scilab, contains instructions written in Scilab's programming language. These instructions are like a list of commands or functions that Scilab can perform one after the other. To make Scilab do what the instructions say, you use a command called "exec" inside Scilab.

If you have an SCI file and you want to open it to see the instructions or the image it contains, you need to use the Scilab program. Since the description mentions Scilab three times, it emphasizes that Scilab is the main program you should use to open this type of file. You can download Scilab for free from the internet, install it on your computer, and then use it to open and work with SCI files.


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