.SCN File Extension

A .SCN file is a SimCity 2000 Scenario, created by OpenTTD.

Open with OpenTTD. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCN file?

The .SCN file extension is associated with a type of game file specifically used in the context of SimCity 2000 and OpenTTD, which is an open-source continuation of the classic game Transport Tycoon. These files are known as SimCity 2000 Scenario files.

In detail, a .SCN file contains a game scenario. This scenario sets up the initial conditions for a game map that players will interact with. It includes various elements such as the landscape, which could be mountains, rivers, or plains; buildings that might range from residential blocks to industrial complexes; cities with their own infrastructure; and transportation elements like train tracks. Essentially, this file helps in creating a pre-defined environment where players can start their game, providing them with specific challenges and setups.

To open a .SCN file, you can use the game OpenTTD, which is designed to run these scenario files as part of its gameplay. OpenTTD allows players to manage and grow transportation networks using roads, trains, ships, and aircraft. Another program that can open .SCN files is Microprose Transport Tycoon, the original game for which these types of files were initially created. Both these programs enable users to load and play with the scenarios defined in the .SCN files, offering a structured yet customizable gaming experience.


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