.SCO File Extension

A .SCO file is a TotalRecovery Backup Image, created by MR Software.

Open with MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator 2. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCO file?

The .SCO file extension is associated with a configuration file used by OMSI The Bus Simulator, a video game that simulates the experience of driving a bus. This file contains important configuration data specifically for the scenery objects within the game environment. Scenery objects can include elements like trees, buildings, and other static objects that you see while driving the bus in the game.

These .SCO files are crucial for defining how the virtual world looks and operates. They allow for customization of the game scenery, enabling users to modify or enhance their gaming experience by altering the appearance and layout of objects within the game. This customization is similar to modifications possible with other OMSI configuration files such as .HUM (for human models), .SLI (for street lights), .BUS (for bus models), and .OVH (for overhead contact lines).

The structure of a .SCO file is relatively straightforward. It consists of lines of data, each beginning with a keyword followed by numerical values. These lines must follow the specific format of [keyword] followed by space-separated numbers (e.g., [tree] 1 2 3). OMSI The Bus Simulator will only recognize and read lines that conform to this format.

To open and edit .SCO files, you can use MR Software OMSI The Bus Simulator. This program provides the necessary tools to interact with and modify .SCO files as part of customizing the game's environments. Editing these files allows players to tailor the game's scenery to their preferences, potentially enhancing the realism or thematic elements of their simulation experience.

In summary, .SCO files are essential for anyone looking to customize the scenery in OMSI The Bus Simulator. They store configuration data for various static objects in the game, and can be edited using the game's own software to alter the gaming environment according to the user's preferences.


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