.SCS File Extension

A .SCS file is a SimCity Societies Saved Game File, created by Electronic Arts.

Open with EA Simcity Societies. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCS file?

An .SCS file is a type of saved game file specifically used by the video games SimCity Societies and its expansion, SimCity Societies Destinations. These games allow players to build and manage their own virtual cities and societies. When a player saves their game, the data about their city is stored in an SCS file. This file includes all the details of the city that the player has created during their gameplay.

The main purpose of an SCS file is to save a player's game progress so they can return to their city at a later time. Additionally, these files make it possible for players to share their saved cities with friends, allowing others to explore or continue developing the city.

To open an SCS file, you need to have SimCity Societies installed on your computer. This game is the program designed to read and load the saved game data contained in SCS files.

More details about SCS files: - They are usually found in the directory path on your computer at: My Documents\Simcity Societies\User Data\[playername]\Save Games. - Alongside each SCS file, there are typically two .TGA files with names based on the saved game's name: MiniMapBG.tga and .tga. These .TGA files store images for the game's mini-map preview. While these images are not essential for loading the game, they provide a visual preview of the city in the game's load menu. Without these TGA files, the mini-map preview will not be available, but the game itself can still be loaded and played.


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