.SCZ File Extension

A .SCZ file is a SmartDraw Collection Package File, created by

Open with SmartDraw. Available for Windows.

What is a .SCZ file?

The .SCZ file extension refers to a SmartDraw Collection Package File. This type of file is created using SmartDraw, which is a software designed for making professional diagrams. The .SCZ file contains a group of SmartDraw files, which might include .SDR files (SmartDraw's primary file format) and various images. These files are bundled together in a collection package to make it easier to manage related diagrams and their components. Additionally, .SCZ files help in keeping track of both local file references and links to files stored online.

To open a .SCZ file, you need to use the SmartDraw software. This program is specifically designed to handle such files and allows you to view, edit, or manage the collections of diagrams and other elements stored within them.

Here’s how you can work with .SCZ files in SmartDraw: 1. **Creating a Collection Package**: First, you need to gather your SmartDraw files into a collection. You can do this by choosing the "Save As..." option from the SmartDraw application menu, then selecting "SmartDraw Document (SDR)" and finally opting for "-Create New Collection..." from the "Save In Collection" dropdown menu. This action creates a new directory that holds all the files related to your current drawing.

2. **Exporting a Collection Package**: Once you have your files organized in a collection, you can export this collection as an .SCZ file. To do this, go to the SmartDraw menu, select "Collection", and then choose "Export Collection". This will save your collection of files as an .SCZ file.

3. **Importing a Collection Package**: If you receive or have an .SCZ file and want to access its contents, you can import it into SmartDraw. Open the SmartDraw application, go to the "Collection" menu, and select "Import Collection". This will load the contents of the .SCZ file into SmartDraw, allowing you to work with the included files.

In summary, .SCZ files are useful for managing and organizing multiple related SmartDraw files and assets, making it easier to handle complex projects that involve numerous diagrams and linked elements.


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