.SDB File Extension

A .SDB file is a Application Compatibility Database, created by Computers & Structures.

Open with Computers & Structures SAP2000. Available for Windows.

What is a .SDB file?

An .SDB file is a type of file used specifically in the field of structural engineering and design. It is known as an Application Compatibility Database file, but more specifically, it is used to store 3D models created with a program called SAP2000. SAP2000 is a software developed by Computers & Structures, Inc. (CSI) and is widely used by engineers to design and analyze various structures such as bridges, buildings, industrial complexes, and more.

The .SDB file contains important information about a structural model. This includes the definitions of the structure itself, the materials used, properties of different sections of the structure, and parameters for both static and dynamic analysis. It also includes data necessary for the design process.

To open an .SDB file, you will need to use the SAP2000 software. When you save a project in SAP2000, it typically saves the .SDB file in the C:\DATA\ directory on your computer by default. Alongside the main .SDB file, SAP2000 also creates backup files with the extensions .SBK and .$2K in the same directory. These backup files are important as they can be used to recover your work if the original .SDB file gets corrupted.

In addition to the .SDB and backup files, SAP2000 may also save other related files like temporary tables and viewpoints in the same directory. It's important not to delete these files because they might be referenced by the main .SDB file and are essential for the complete functionality of your project file.

If you ever find that your .SDB file is not working properly or seems to be corrupted, you can try to restore your model by importing the .SBK or .$2K backup files back into SAP2000. This feature is very useful for recovering your work without having to start over from scratch.


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