.SDI File Extension

A .SDI file is a Windows System Deployment Image, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio. Available for Windows.

What is a .SDI file?

The file extension .SDI stands for Windows System Deployment Image. This type of file is created using a program called Windows Embedded Studio, which is specifically designed for building disk images that can be used with Windows operating systems. An SDI file includes several key components: a boot blob, which contains the data needed to start the computer; a load blob, which includes the necessary information to load the system; and a part blob, which typically contains partition data.

These files are primarily used to create RAM disks or boot disks. A RAM disk is a virtual disk drive that uses your computer's RAM as its storage space, which can be much faster than traditional hard disk storage. Boot disks are used to load and install Windows onto a computer, especially useful for setting up new computers or recovering systems that cannot start normally.

To open an .SDI file, you will need to use Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio. This software provides the tools necessary to manage and deploy SDI files, whether you are setting up new hardware or maintaining existing systems.


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