.SDR File Extension

A .SDR file is a SmartDraw Drawing, created by Dell.

Open with Dell Support Center. Available for Windows.

What is a .SDR file?

The file extension .SDR refers to a SmartDraw Drawing file, specifically used in this context for a file named "dell.sdr." This file is typically found on Dell computers and is located in the C:\ directory. The dell.sdr file contains important system information that is utilized by Dell's technical support team to assist users with their computer issues. It is crucial that this file is not manually edited or deleted because doing so can interfere with the functionality of Dell support services, potentially making it difficult to receive proper assistance.

To open an .SDR file, particularly the dell.sdr file, you would typically use the Dell Support Center software. This program is designed to interact with the file to extract and use the system information stored within it for troubleshooting and support purposes.

Additionally, the presence of the dell.sdr file on a computer generally indicates that the operating system installed is a Dell-specific version of Windows, which may include certain pre-installed features or settings optimized for Dell hardware.


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