.SDT File Extension

A .SDT file is a SmartDraw Template File, created by Siemens.

Open with Corel WinZip. Available for Windows.

What is a .SDT file?

The file extension .SDT stands for SmartDraw Template File. This type of file is primarily associated with themes used by some Siemens mobile phones. The content of an .SDT file is saved in .ZIP format, which means it is a compressed archive that includes various types of files. Inside an .SDT file, you can find a collection of graphics files in .GIF format, audio files which may be in .WAV or .MID format, and layout information stored in .STC files. These components together define the overall theme or appearance and sound settings of the phone.

To access or modify the contents of an .SDT file, you can use any ZIP-compatible utility because the file is structured as a ZIP archive. Popular programs like Corel WinZip and 7-Zip can open these files, allowing you to decompress and extract the individual files contained within the .SDT file.

Additionally, .SDT files are also used in gaming, particularly for storing game sounds such as background music and sound effects. There are specific programs like Dragon UnPACKer and MAStudio 2002 that can open these types of .SDT files to access or manage the audio content they contain.

In summary, .SDT files can serve dual purposes: they can be used as theme files for Siemens mobile phones, containing graphics, sounds, and layout data; or they can be used in gaming for storing audio content. Depending on the content and purpose of the .SDT file, different software may be required to open and work with these files.


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