.SDY File Extension

A .SDY file is a StarMoney User Database File, created by Star Finanz.

Open with Star Finanz StarMoney. Available for Windows.

What is a .SDY file?

An SDY file is a type of database file specifically used by the StarMoney software, which is a financial management program developed by Star Finanz, a company based in Germany. This software is designed for both personal and business use, allowing users to manage multiple financial accounts conveniently.

The SDY file stores various types of data that a user enters into the StarMoney application. This includes sensitive information like banking account details and transaction records. It's important to note that these files are part of a larger database system, as they are typically used alongside .SDX files. The SDX files complement the SDY files by forming the other essential part of the database structure needed for the software to function properly.

To access or manage the data within an SDY file, you must use the StarMoney program, specifically the version designed for Windows operating systems. This software is responsible for creating and managing both SDY and SDX files.

For users of StarMoney, starting from version 7.0, the SDY and SDX files are usually stored in a specific directory on your Windows computer, which is: C:\ProgramData\StarMoney [version]\Profile It's worth mentioning that the "ProgramData" folder where these files are located is hidden by default in Windows. If you need to access this folder, you may have to adjust your settings to make hidden files and folders visible. This can be done through the File Explorer options on Windows computers. For detailed instructions on how to do this, you might find it helpful to watch video tutorials for Windows 8 or Windows 10, which explain the process of changing these visibility settings.

In summary, if you are using StarMoney for managing your financial data, the SDY files are crucial as they hold all the data you input into the application. To open or work with these files, you should use the StarMoney software installed on a Windows machine.


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