.SEG File Extension

A .SEG file is a Eragon Audio File, created by Sierra Entertainment.

Open with Sierra Entertainment Eragon. Available for Windows.

What is a .SEG file?

The .SEG file extension is associated with an audio file type specifically used by the video game Eragon, which is an action role-playing game inspired by the Eragon movie. These .SEG files contain audio segments that are essential for the game, as they include music and various sound effects that enhance the gaming experience. These sounds play at different times during the game, such as during battles or when exploring new areas.

To manage these files outside of the game, they can be converted into a more standard audio format, .WAV, using a tool called the towav converter utility. This conversion makes it easier to play or edit the audio on common audio software.

Programs that can open .SEG files include the Sierra Entertainment version of the Eragon game itself, where these files are naturally accessed and used. Additionally, a tool called CTPAX-X Xplorer with the towav utility can also open and convert these files.

Typically, .SEG files are located in the "Audio" folder within the directory where Eragon is installed on your computer. This makes it easy for the game to access and load these files as needed during gameplay.


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