.SEL File Extension

A .SEL file is a LinkOne Selection List File, created by Mincom.

Open with Mincom LinkOne WebView. Available for Windows.

What is a .SEL file?

The .SEL file extension is associated with a type of file known as a LinkOne Selection List File. This file is specifically created by a software program called LinkOne, which is primarily used for viewing online catalogues that detail manufacturing parts and services. The .SEL file contains a list of parts that a user has selected from the catalogue. Additionally, it includes the criteria used for selecting these parts, such as specific attributes or requirements.

The main purpose of a .SEL file is to allow users to save the information about the parts they are interested in. This can be very useful for keeping track of necessary parts for projects or orders. Users can also reload this saved information at a later time, which helps in managing and revisiting parts selections without the need to start the selection process from scratch each time.

To open a .SEL file, you can use one of the following programs provided by Mincom, the developer of LinkOne software: 1. Mincom LinkOne WebView – This program allows users to view LinkOne catalogues and .SEL files through a web interface, making it accessible without the need for installing software on a local computer. 2. Mincom LinkOne Viewer – This is a desktop application that provides more comprehensive tools and features for interacting with LinkOne catalogues and .SEL files. 3. Mincom LinkOne WinView – Another desktop application, similar to LinkOne Viewer, that supports opening and managing .SEL files, often with additional features or tailored interfaces for Windows users.

These programs are specifically designed to work with LinkOne files, ensuring that users can effectively manage and utilize their selected parts lists and related catalogue data.


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