.SEM File Extension

A .SEM file is a Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary Memo File, created by Alpha Software.

Open with Alpha Software Alpha Anywhere. Available for Windows.

What is a .SEM file?

The .SEM file extension refers to a "Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary Memo File," which is a type of memo file used by Alpha Five, now known as Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows users to create applications for web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

A .SEM file contains data formatted as a memo, similar to the format used in .FPT and .DDM files. It includes design details and code related to various objects, reports, and forms that are part of a set. This file is typically created alongside .SET and .SEX files, which are also part of the set data dictionary. These files collectively manage and store information about the relationships and structures of two or more linked tables within the application.

The .SEM file specifically holds memo information, which can include extended text entries and additional details that do not fit within the standard field sizes of a .SET file. In Alpha Anywhere, .SET files, which are akin to .DBF files, have a character limit for each column. To accommodate more data, Alpha Anywhere creates a reference in the .SET file to the .SEM file where the actual, longer text data is stored.

To open a .SEM file, you would typically use Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere program. It is important to keep the .SEM file together with its corresponding .SET and .SEX files to ensure that Alpha Anywhere can correctly access and link all the necessary data components of the set.

In summary, .SEM files are crucial for storing extended data and memo entries in applications developed with Alpha Anywhere, and they work in conjunction with .SET and .SEX files to manage complex data structures in the application's database.


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