.SEP File Extension

A .SEP file is a Separated Image File, created by N/A.

Open with PictView. Available for Windows.

What is a .SEP file?

The .SEP file extension stands for a Separated Image File. This type of file can either be an image file by itself or it can contain data about multiple image files. Each of these image files included in a .SEP file represents only a part of a larger image. When a .SEP file contains data about multiple images, it includes all the necessary information to piece these parts together to form the complete image. This is particularly useful in scenarios where images need to be printed or displayed in segments.

To open a .SEP file, you can use a program called PictView. PictView is designed to handle and view different types of image files, including .SEP files. By using PictView, you can view either the individual parts of the image contained in the .SEP file or the entire image once it has been reconstructed from its parts.


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