.SES File Extension

A .SES file is a Audition Session (Legacy), created by MSC Software.

Open with MSC Patran. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .SES file?

The .SES file extension is associated with a type of file called an Audition Session (Legacy), which is used by a software program called MSC Patran. MSC Patran is a tool used for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which is a method for simulating and analyzing the physical behavior of structures and components.

A .SES file is essentially a session file created by MSC Patran. It includes a series of instructions or commands that the software can execute. These commands might be in the form of PCL (Patran Command Language) statements or NOODL commands, which are specific to the Patran software.

When you use MSC Patran, the .SES file is automatically opened as soon as you start the program and it closes when you exit the program. This file plays several important roles: 1. It can recreate a model from scratch, allowing users to rebuild a project. 2. It acts like a log, recording all the transactions or changes made during a session. This is useful for reviewing past work and making modifications. 3. It can function as a macro, which means it can automatically execute a sequence of commands repeatedly, saving time and effort in repetitive tasks.

To identify different session files, MSC Patran appends a two-digit number to the end of the .SES file extension. For example, the third session file would be named something like "".

To open a .SES file, you will need to use MSC Patran software. This is the primary program designed to work with .SES files, and it provides the necessary tools to interact with and manipulate the data contained in these files.


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