.SEX File Extension

A .SEX file is a Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary Index File, created by Alpha Software.

Open with Alpha Software Alpha Anywhere. Available for Windows.

What is a .SEX file?

The file extension .SEX refers to an Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary Index File. This type of file is used by Alpha Software's development environment, now known as Alpha Anywhere, which is designed for creating applications that run on desktops, the web, and mobile devices.

A .SEX file is an index file that plays a crucial role in the functioning of Alpha Anywhere. It contains index data that the software uses to quickly locate components of a set. A set in Alpha Anywhere is a collection of files that are linked together to manage and organize data from two or more tables. These sets include .SEX, .SEM, and .SET files. The .SEX file specifically helps Alpha Anywhere keep track of where each part of the set is stored, ensuring efficient data retrieval and management.

This file is similar to other index files used in Alpha Anywhere, such as .CDX and .DDX files, but it is specifically part of the set data dictionary, which includes various elements like reports, forms, and other linked objects. It's important to store .SEX files together with the corresponding .SET and .SEM files to maintain the integrity and organization of the set data dictionary.

To open a .SEX file, you will need Alpha Software Alpha Anywhere, which is the updated name for Alpha Five as of 2013. This program provides the necessary tools to interact with and manage .SEX files and other components of the set data dictionary.

In summary, the .SEX file extension is essential for users of Alpha Anywhere who are working with complex data sets that involve multiple linked tables. It helps the software efficiently locate and manage the components of these sets, contributing to the overall functionality and user experience of the development environment.


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