.SF3 File Extension

A .SF3 file is a Scaffold Experiment, created by Proteome Software.

Open with Proteome Software Scaffold. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .SF3 file?

An SF3 file is a type of data file specifically used in scientific research related to biology and chemistry. It is created during experiments involving mass spectrometry, a technique used to analyze the mass and structure of molecules, particularly proteins and peptides. These molecules are essential components of living organisms, and understanding them can help in fields like medicine and biotechnology.

The SF3 file stores detailed information collected during these experiments. This data is crucial for scientists who are trying to identify different proteins and peptides present in a sample. The file format is associated with a software program called Scaffold, which is designed to help in analyzing and interpreting the data from mass spectrometry experiments.

To view or work with SF3 files, you need specific software. There are two main options available from Proteome Software: 1. **Scaffold**: This is a paid program that offers advanced features for professionals who need to conduct in-depth analysis and manage large datasets. 2. **Scaffold Viewer**: This is a free version of the software that allows users to view and analyze SF3 files. It is suitable for those who do not require the full functionality of the paid version but still need to access the data in SF3 files.

Both of these programs are designed to help users efficiently analyze and understand the complex data stored in SF3 files, making them essential tools for researchers working in proteomics and related fields.


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