.SFB File Extension

A .SFB file is a PlayStation 3 Disc Data File, created by Sony.

Open with ASToolPS3. Available for Windows.

What is a .SFB file?

The file extension .SFB refers to a PlayStation 3 Disc Data File, which is a type of data file associated with Sony PlayStation 3 video game discs. This file is typically named PS3_DISC.SFB and is stored in a simple text format. It primarily contains a game identifier code that helps the PlayStation 3 system recognize the game disc. Importantly, the .SFB file does not include the actual game data or media files; instead, it provides information about the contents of the disc.

You can often find the .SFB file on backup hard drives used with PlayStation 3 consoles, where it remains an essential part of the game disc's data structure. Although the file itself does not contain game data, it plays a crucial role in the functioning of the game disc.

To view or modify .SFB files, you can use specific software tools. One such tool is ASToolPS3, a homebrew software suite designed for PlayStation 3. This tool allows users to create and edit .SFB files. Additionally, if you connect a PlayStation 3 hard drive to a computer using a USB connection, you can access and manage .SFB files on Microsoft Windows platforms. This makes it possible to handle PlayStation 3 game backups and disc data on a personal computer.


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